Altitude of new buildings in the capital

The authorities of the Moscow region intend to limit the height of residential real estate under construction to only nine floors, says German Elyanyushkin, deputy chairman of the regional government. However, exceptions are still possible, although they will be only when the «uniqueness» of the project will be established by the regional town planning council. These restrictions will be written in the regional norms for urban planning and will affect only those projects, the construction of which has not yet been issued..

In addition, a situation is expected when the authorities will approve new norms. This can happen by the end of the summer. According to the statement of the deputy chairman of the government, permits have been issued in the region for the construction of about twenty-five million square meters of housing..

The pace of development is impressive

In terms of the volume of construction of facilities, the region occupies the first position in the country — almost seven million meters were erected last year. Even the Moscow furniture factory cannot provide such a quantity of furniture. Starting in March, the regional government began to revise all agreements for the construction of residential space..

At this time, the issuance of all permits for such construction was suspended. The main purpose of the audit carried out by the authorities was the desire to find out the issue of the fulfillment of obligations by contractors, which are not always fulfilled. The capital, for example, has adjusted housing construction projects in the Vidnoye and Novaya Trekhgorka districts..

Local authorities at the same time introduced a restriction on the construction of high-rise buildings, and a future decrease in the number of storeys is also envisaged, the official says..

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An eight-story complex with a total area of ​​about twenty-three thousand square meters, which is located on the Arbat in close proximity to the E. Vakhtangov theater, will still be built.

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