Do tenants pay taxes?

It must be said that the volume of the market, if the rent of apartments is of a private nature, is calculated not precisely, but approximately. Official services keep detailed statistics for the reason that contracts are not certified by a notary. Companies operating in the rental market do the same, since they have their own information base. In other words, not a single company is engaged in this, which means that it does not know the true state of the situation in the city. However, some organizations record objects that clients rent them for a specified period. For example, in the capital, about 8,000 apartments are rented every month, that is, more than a hundred thousand different offers are obtained every year. At the same time, the facts that they are leased privately are not taken into account, that is, this or that company does not participate in these processes. The property of the population of Russia, at the present time, according to the latest calculations, includes different objects — houses and apartments, the approximate number of which is 30,000 , for example. Thus, trying to make a profit. They rent them until the facilities are needed. In other words, the owners do not have official profits, which means they do not pay taxes. They earn the most when an apartment is rented for daily rent by the entire population of the country, without exception, because this segment is on the market separately. And, in principle, it needs special attention. It happens that such objects are managed not by private individuals, but by companies. But if they give taxes, it is still not clear how much the state would be enriched. It must be said that individuals must be registered as entrepreneurs in order to then pay taxes according to a simple scheme. However, not all citizens are engaged in this issue, not because they do not want to, but for the reason that I don’t know how to do it correctly. They apparently have no one to answer some of the questions that have arisen. However, in this system, the actions on the part of the client are uncomplicated. For example, there is no need to submit different declarations to the services, and calculate your own profit, write expenses and income, for example and not only. To become an entrepreneur, you need to take a patent for 12 months. The estimated cost is 6,000 rubles. You should learn more about the patent, because there are peculiarities associated with the location of the apartment..

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