What you need to know about the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular video games today, played by millions of players around the world. In 2012, CS:GO has become one of the mainstream esports, with professional teams and organizations from all over the world competing in tournaments. Professional teams have developed carefully thought out strategies and settings that they use to achieve maximum efficiency and success in the game.

Competitive play in pro CS:GO settings may require a unique set of strategies and settings, including the most suitable mouse for the game, graphics and performance. To access detailed information about this favorite shooter, ask a serious question what settings the pros use. Not only will you get better gaming performance when using the same settings as professional players, but it can also help improvise your understanding of their tactics.

This is an ideal game for those who care not only about the gameplay, but also about the graphics. You will enjoy high quality picture and well thought out locations. When fighting enemies, you will have to think through each subsequent step, look for good cover and develop your own strategy. Playing at high settings, you will get the maximum pleasure from your leisure time.

What settings do the pros use?

Optimization of hardware and game client in CS:GO may be needed in order to increase FPS and reduce lags. Here are some common settings used by professional CS:GO players to help you get started on achieving pro-level CS:GO results.

  1. Hardware, system and game client settings.
  2. Mouse — CPI sensitivity 2.11, polling rate 1000 Hz.
  3. Graphics — GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Software/Catalyst Control Center.
  4. Graphics quality — ultra high resolution (1080p/1440p) or medium low resolution (720p/768p).
  5. Network buffer speed — 128 ticks or higher.
  6. Crosshairs — classic static or dynamic crosshairs with a color change tool.
  7. Display mode — windowed borderless or full screen windowed mode.

Having studied the above mouse settings, graphics, network buffer speed, crosshair selection and display mode settings used by experienced players, further modification together with additional practice will allow any player to hone their skills to a level for greater success in competitive CS: GO arenas. There are several key categories that professionals also consider when setting up their keyboards: sensitivity, bindings, console commands, macros, and auto-executable files.

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