Joining an SRO why is it needed and for whom

Today, every domestic developer knows that joining an SRO for him is a prerequisite for normal prosperity. All companies involved in construction, survey and design work should have joined the SRO from January 1, 2018..

This means that if the company received a license earlier than January 1, 2018, then from that moment it became invalid. Therefore, in order to continue its activities in the legal field, each company must join the SRO in Ufa and obtain admission to a certain type of activity. Since then, the certificate of admission to the work of the SRO has become an official document issued by a self-regulatory organization and which is used instead of a license..

If the specialists of your company cover several types of activities at once, then you must buy membership in an SRO for each separately, from which the cost of joining an SRO may differ significantly. Both commercial firms and individual entrepreneurs have the right to join an SRO, on the basis of documents confirming the quality of their services. And membership in an SRO, each participant makes monthly contributions to a special stabilization fund. Money from this fund is inviolable until it becomes necessary to compensate some customer for damage due to poor quality performance by one of the SRO members of a particular service.

That is, all self-regulatory organizations in Russia — ?? «this is a kind of protective buffer between their members and customers, which greatly facilitates the work for state control and licensing authorities. Before joining an SRO, each company must determine the list of works that it will perform Then a written application for admission to membership is submitted and legal acts stipulated by the legislation are issued SRO checks the documents provided by each company and submits them for consideration to a collegial body..

At first glance, everything may seem very simple. But based on rich experience, we can say that a bureaucratic barrier can arise at any stage, and it can take months to collect a package of documents. Therefore, to join the SRO, it is most reasonable to use the support of a specialized organization..

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