LG and Samsung show off their new TVs that flex at the touch of a button

LG and Samsung show off their new TVs that flex at the touch of a button

It looks like we are in for a new tech trend as the acclaimed CES 2014 is packed with curved TVs. And not only LG and Samsung brought their products. Budget brands such as Hisense and TCL also brought their curved TVs to the event. But, as always, in this market, Samsung and LG stand on their pedestal without competition. Their latest innovation: Ultra HD TVs that can transform from flat to curved in a second.

The Samsung booth showcases flexible 85-inch UHD panels. Flat, this is one of the best TVs Sumsung has ever made. But at the push of a button, the TV becomes generally unusual. It curves into a shape that makes the screen look brilliant, making viewers feel closer than they really are. And all this without using all the magic 3D technologies.

Also on display are four more flexible UHD OLED TVs from Samsung. Benefits of using OLED in black-in-picture gamuts. While not as impressive in size as their 85-inch sibling, they display the same sharp picture and the same immersive effect..

They are not lagging behind in LG, which made similar models of flexible TVs. Only in terminology they parted with Samsung. Samsung calls their screens bendable, while LG sticks with the word «bendable». Well, in general they are very similar. LG models also bend at the touch of a button, but the largest model LG unveiled at the show is only 75 inches, unlike Samsung’s 85-inch version. On the other hand, LG TV’s profile is much thinner..

In fact, curved TVs are not new, but the models presented earlier were slightly upset by the picture quality. Today’s solutions demonstrated by CES are much better. Some people like the curved effect because it creates an IMAX feel. Obviously, the decision of Samsung and LG to make models that can be tantamount to be flexible and flat will allow a compromise to be found between those who like it and do not like it..

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