Local government doesn’t care about Lake Wagkolam

Local residents have approached the Arambol government to protect a freshwater lake called Wagkolam, which is located near Arambol Beach. This is not the first request from concerned citizens to tackle this problem, however, no measures have yet been taken on the part of officials..

The fact is that Arambol is a unique beach located on the Goan coast, because there is a lake with fresh water next to the sea. And recently, about 10 days ago, as a result of sea tides and the proximity of the sea and the lake, the water in the latter became salty.

Officer Nitin Kudaw, who lives in the coastal village of Arambol, recommends that the authorities immediately issue an order to build an embankment near the sea.

Residents do not understand such a negligent attitude of the government to the restoration and protection of the lake, and they are also not happy with the arrangement of beach areas, especially the state of the roads..

Suhas Prabhu, the owner of the shek, claims that the main thing for the tourism department is to improve the infrastructure and attract tourists..

Suchan Gadekar assured that the tourism department is aware of this problem, but no measures have yet been taken on their part..

Ajit Panchavadkar, who holds the post of deputy head of Pernema district, does not agree with the demands of residents about Lake Vagkolam, believing that the work on the construction of the embankment may violate the natural and aesthetic beauty, as well as its historical value..

Dwarkanat Naik, a Panchayat representative, in other words a member of the Indian political system, says that the government must constantly improve conditions for all tourists, regardless of their category..

There is a mythological explanation about the lake.

According to legend, after the exile, the Pandava princes arrived in Arambol at midnight of chanting and the place began to be called “Harmal”, after a while, it received a name that has survived to this day — Arambol. Not far from the beach, 200 years ago, there were many tigers that lived in the nearest caves. After their disappearance, the territory in which they lived began to be called — Vagkolam.

The final point in deciding the fate of the lake has not yet been set. While the government is arguing, local residents are sincerely worried and worried, fearing re-salinization of the water..

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