Each owner of land, farm land, or personal plot had a question about the cultivation of the land, a particularly difficult situation if the land has not been cultivated for a long time. A walk-behind tractor will help to cope with this problem. Its great power and heavy weight will help you work on heavy soil, as well as long-term uncultivated land..

The Ugra motoblock is usually equipped with a four-stroke engine running on gasoline and having a fault tolerance. The engine with a power of 7 horsepower and a cylinder with a volume of 168 cc is characterized by a long service life, low vibration noise, excellent balancing and low fuel consumption. With the help of a belt-chain transmission, the equipment runs smoothly, the unit is easy to repair and does not require additional maintenance. The eel motoblock has a decent weight, about 100 kg, so it effortlessly immerses the working tool in the soil. Adjustment of the working width is possible, the edge cutters can be removed, the working width can reach 90 centimeters, which helps to process fairly large-scale areas efficiently and quickly. With the help of the reverse, the walk-behind tractor received excellent maneuverability and controllability..

It is possible to use a variety of accessories. Some models have the ability to adjust the power, this feature allows you to use more active equipment: a snow blower, a mower. The handle can be adjusted to the height you need, does not require additional effort when controlling, which makes it easy to cope with the walk-behind tractor for both schoolchildren and retirees.

The walk-behind tractor has an electronic ignition system, which makes it easy to start at low temperatures, as well as after a long idle time. You will not bother your neighbors, since the eel walk-behind tractor has a low noise level.

The transportation of the walk-behind tractor is greatly facilitated by its minimal disassembly, thanks to which it can easily fit into the trunk of a car. There is an opportunity, at the request of the buyer, to equip the walk-behind tractor with additional components that will simplify the hilling and plowing of lands..

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