Opel — Adam

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Opel has been developing a new car for a long time. And the developers managed to release a new car called Opel — Adam on the road. The car was named in honor of the founder of Opel, Adam Opelya. Back in April 2011, during test trials, spy photos were able to take pictures of a brand new Opel. The company plans that the Adam will compete with the Volkswagen Up and Fiat 500. Engine displacement will be from 1 to 1.4 liters..

The car will be officially unveiled by the German automaker in Paris in September 2012 for the first time..

And if, in order to drive this car, you need a driver’s license, then the driving school Yekaterinburg «Prime-Auto» has been teaching driving a car with categories «A», «B» and «C» for more than 15 years.

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