Order glazing of the loggia

Order glazing of the loggia

Beautiful loggias or balconies, characterized by functionality and modern design, are now not uncommon. Many owners of apartments in old buildings are trying to equip this part of their home, adapting it to certain requirements..

Repair, as a rule, begins with the installation of plastic windows. New generation window constructions, distinguished by their practicality, durability and ease of maintenance, significantly transform the overall appearance of any room. In addition, this is the first thing that catches your eye..

When glazing balconies and loggias, various combinations of window profiles and double-glazed windows are used. Depending on this, glazing is divided into cold and warm.

Cold glazing is a type of glazing that assumes that the balcony or loggia will not be used during cold seasons. The temperature is only a few degrees higher than the temperature outside the window. At the same time, such window systems provide protection from external influences. As a rule, with this type of glazing, single-chamber packages and aluminum profiles are used..

Warm glazing is recommended if you want to use the balcony room as a living room (office, gym, etc.). To ensure good heat resistance, multi-chamber double-glazed windows and warm plastic profiles are used here. However, you will have to additionally insulate the walls and ceiling, as well as take care of heating..

Modern materials and technologies allow glazing loggias and balconies of all kinds of configurations. It is much easier to carry out these works on the loggia than on the balcony, because the replacement procedure in the first case is similar to the standard replacement of windows in a room. In the case of a balcony, additional elements are required.

Nevertheless, in both cases, this process requires a competent and professional approach..

The company «SoyuzStroyTrest», engaged in the production and installation of plastic windows, offers its services to residents of St. Petersburg. By going to the company’s website at the address you can order glazing of a loggia or balcony, as well as get all the information on this issue.

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