Real estate in Ecuador: the best place to buy a house for a future old age

Many people are thinking about buying a country house in an area where they will be able to meet a pension, while others are looking at real estate abroad for the same purpose. If you are one of those who dream of foreign real estate, then experts advise you to consider Ecuador.

Ecuador is a great country to meet old age. There are good houses both in the bustling capital of the country and on the seashore in cities closer to the Andes peaks. The diversity of regions and types of residential buildings is a massive asset to this country, although prices in Ecuador have risen in recent years. But not for real estate.

Retirees are held in high esteem in Ecuador. The government provides them with discounts, not only for travel on public transport (50%), but also for utilities with the possibility of free use of a landline phone, if you own the property. Seniors in Ecuador also go to movies and sports events with up to 50% discounts. If you are over 65, then you can fly in Ecuador with a discount.

And the cost of living in Ecuador is low. Of course, with the current ruble exchange rate, all foreign countries have become more expensive, but if we look at everything in perspective … Even now, Ecuador is quite cheap. A main course at a restaurant costs about $ 2.50, and a doctor’s appointment is available for $ 10. The bus ride will cost approximately 25 cents.

A married couple can live well in Ecuador for about $ 1,400 a month. Moreover, this price includes not only food and utilities, but also renting an apartment in a decent area of ​​the capital.

Medical facilities in major cities are accessible and serve the population well. Public transport is so convenient that many expats say they don’t even want to think about buying a car. And Ecuador has one of the most reliable economies on the continent..

The number of expats in Ecuador is growing relentlessly. But this is a plus for the country and for its new residents. The locals are accustomed to the country’s bilingualism and actively communicate in English. In addition, there is always something to do here — the amount of entertainment is surprising. And the climate has.

So if you are thinking of buying real estate abroad for old age, then be sure to consider Ecuador.

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