Renovation of an apartment

Renovation of an apartment

Most people are often interested in what is the difference between a regular repair and a European-style renovation. In European renovation, as a rule, there are several main criteria: trends and quality standards for modern renovation, as well as the use of European building materials. In the early 90s, new repair standards began to take root in our country, in which the rules for finishing the premises are strictly prescribed.

Building materials used in renovation must necessarily correspond to European quality. European materials can be called materials that were invented in Europe: putty, drywall, primer, etc. All work performed is carried out using the same proven technology.

Before proceeding with the renovation of an apartment, you need to work out and draw up a decoration scheme in an individual style. Such repairs are usually done on a turnkey basis..

At the beginning, the customer will be provided with a ready-made apartment design project, indicating the start and end dates of the work. Read all documentation carefully. Entrusting repairs in new buildings in Sochi to professionals, you will get the desired result.

In any apartment, the “main” rooms are the bedroom and the living room. Therefore, special attention is paid to them. Their planning is usually occupied by company specialists or a master measurer..

Renovation begins with a bathroom, because the longest and most painstaking work takes place in it. Usually, the «euro» standard of a bathroom means a room in a certain color, with tiles on the floor and the use of furniture that is not afraid of water. All plumbing changes.

The kitchen must also have an obligatory design drawn up in advance. Particular attention is paid to the renovation of health, the functionality of the working areas and of course the coating. A certain color and sustainable materials make this room look different..

Depending on the invented design of the apartment, different combinations of ceiling coverings are used. It can be a stretch ceiling, or plaster with drawing..

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