Rubber paint — DIY interior decoration

The newest and most unusual material in the construction industry has appeared relatively recently — it is rubber paint. It is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. More and more developers give their preference to this particular paint..

As the name suggests, the paint has amazing flexibility. Once applied and dried, it can be stretched, bent and bent without deteriorating or cracking. Membrane effect promotes the passage of air and also blocks the penetration of moisture.

Such specific effects suggest only one thought that the paint is very toxic. It’s hard to believe, but the composition does not contain any hazardous substances and is considered environmentally friendly..

If the paint has this particular flexibility, it means that it breaks easily, but this is a misconception. The rubber look is very durable and is used for treadmills, tennis courts as well as building facades.

The rubber paint is very durable, unlike any other. She will not be harmed by exposure to sunlight and acid rain. Due to its characteristics, rubber paint does not require protection, since it itself is a kind of protection for any surface..

When applying, the most important thing is to use high-quality tools and prepare the surface well, which must be clean and durable, so that in the future the paint simply does not fall off from that surface. In some cases, you need to apply a strengthening agent. On the Internet you will find paints and putties for wood and you can buy these materials.

The rubber paint is diluted with plain water. If you decide to do the staining yourself, it is better to do a little experiment first. After diluting the paint with water, apply it to the surface to be painted. In this way, you will select the desired density and make sure whether the color suits you or not..

The paint has many advantages, including the unnecessary use of sprayers or complicated devices. It is applied in the same way as usual, from a fairly high-quality painting broom or spray gun. Rubber paint can be used on a variety of surfaces.

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