The Skoda Yeti car was created in an extended version for the Chinese market

The market of the People’s Republic of China eagerly absorbs the elongated modifications of the models familiar to the citizens of Europe, but at the moment this practice applies only to the D- and E-class sedans. Skoda decided to take a non-standard step and offer a crossover in the People’s Republic of China called Yeti in a long version.

So far there have been no official data on the new product. Probably, the car will add one hundred and fifty millimeters to the length of the wheelbase. The driver, thanks to the adjustable rear seat, will be able to use the increase in favor of luggage or passengers.

It should also be noted that, together with the budget Rapid sedan, a car called Skoda Yeti will be produced in China at the Shanghai-Volkswagen plant from next year..

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