Varieties of fireplaces

Fireplaces are in increasing demand due to the popularization of suburban living and personal home ownership. In addition, now fireplaces are successfully equipped even in apartments..

Much has been said about the advantages of this solution. Fireplaces bring an inimitable zest to the interior, make the house comfortable and unusual.

Choosing and equipping a fireplace is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, a fireplace is a kind of an ordinary stove, which has been an attribute of every house since antiquity. It’s just that now the fireplace plays more an aesthetic role, rather than a practical one. Although, nothing prevents the combustion energy of the fireplace from being used for additional heating of the room..

The main requirements for a fireplace are a small-sized structure, an open type of firebox and a direct chimney. The equipment of the chimney should be entrusted to specialists, since even a minor mistake can be very expensive, and may even end up with the alteration of the entire fireplace. Smoke and carbon monoxide must not leak into the room under any circumstances. You can get the necessary consultations on the safety of fireplaces in the fireplace salon, as well as services for the selection and installation. You can also order services for the home, such as the installation of video surveillance, the price of which is presented, for example, on the relevant sites.

Today, there are 4 main types of fireplaces:

Closed. It is understood that the firebox is built into the wall, therefore, the fireplace almost does not take up space in the room.

Open — these can be located in the center of the room, like a hearth. Unlike closed fireplaces, they occupy a certain area of ​​the room and require special fire safety measures. But in this case, nothing limits you in choosing the design of such a fireplace. It should be noted that it was in the center of their homes that the forefathers usually equipped a hearth.

Semi-open — fireplaces located near the walls and slightly protruding into the room. The chimney in this case can be located directly in the wall, or it is erected above the fireplace.

Corner. In fact, these are the same half-open ones, but with an angular arrangement. This solution saves enough free space in the room..

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