Marble steps

Marble steps

Marble is an unusual type of natural stone. Today, there are hundreds of varieties of stone, each of which has its own individual texture and colors. Staircase steps made of marble automatically send the interior decoration of the house to distant antiquity. As a rule, the steps are cut from a certain type of stone, which does not interfere with the play of colors..

Types of steps

Steps made of marble are classified into the following types:

Overhead steps are made from a single piece of stone. This type of steps should not contain seams and joints. As a rule, the step is voluminous and heavy..

Solid steps are made according to a specially defined stencil. In the event of reconstruction work, the steps are easily dismantled and re-installed in their rightful place..

Slab treads are an economical option in the marble industry. During installation, small risers are dismantled together with the steps.

Technological features

In accordance with the manufacturing technology, marble steps are divided into the following groups:

Stencil production. Most companies make steps according to predefined dimensions. This technology allows you to create waste-free production, due to which the total cost is slightly lower than slabs.

A slab is a large slab of untreated natural stone. The master can create steps of absolutely any shape and size. The cost of the finished product is several times higher, since the production is characterized by a large amount of waste material.

Stacked steps are designed for the manufacture of premium steps. The stairs are inlaid with different types of stone by creating a natural mosaic. Installation of steps is carried out on a special adhesive base, designed for stone work. On the underside, it is recommended to treat the marble with varnish, the protective layer will prevent glue from getting on the stone and will help to preserve its original natural color. Periodically it is recommended to treat the stone with a special base for polishing marble.

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