Siding is the best choice for facade cladding

Every good owner who decides to start building a home with his own hands is faced with the choice of material for facing the facade. And this is a kind of selection of «clothes» for your home. What criteria do you usually use when choosing your clothes? In addition to convenience, this list most likely includes aesthetics and durability. It is important to consider the same parameters when choosing a facing material for the facade. Decorative, protection of walls from atmospheric influences and pollution. Siding is a material that fully meets all these needs. Moreover, today there are a large number of its varieties and colors, and this allows you to satisfy any, even the most sophisticated, taste.

Siding owes its appearance to the inhabitants of North America, who, back in the 19th century, began to nail pre-painted planed boards to the walls in a peculiar way. They positioned them at such an angle that the next layer of boards overhang the previous one. This arrangement facilitated better water sliding along the cladding, which protected the walls from the harmful effects of moisture. The essence of the method of such cladding has remained unchanged to this day, but it has increased in the variety of materials. Vinyl, metal and cement facade panels began to be produced in the USA and Canada in the 50s of the last century. The most popular of the three is vinyl siding. This is not surprising: practically maintenance-free, cheap, durable, aesthetic and lightweight. On the last point, vinyl has firmly secured an advantage over metal or, moreover, cement. In the case of steel siding, which is most often used in industrial facilities, the main advantages are durability (service life can be up to 50 years), strength and increased resistance to temperature and chemical influences. Cement siding is used on houses with increased fire safety requirements..

So if you decide to cover the facade of your house with siding, this is the right choice. Laminate will be the best option for flooring in your home. But we will talk about this in our next articles..

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