Vito Di Bari Designs Leopard Tree Elite Outdoor Gym

It is not difficult to create an eco-friendly outdoor gym. Moreover, many playgrounds in Russia now include such halls. Typically, this is a playground where there are rugged mechanical trainers that do not rely on electricity or any other form of power to operate. Anyone can buy outdoor exercise machines for their summer cottages. The average outdoor sports equipment (a complex of several items at the user’s choice) costs 100 thousand rubles if you buy it for a summer residence and limit yourself to your needs. One simulator costs about 15-35 thousand, depending on the type. Ideally, about 9-10 different types of simulators should be included in the site to train different muscle groups. For example, an outdoor abdominal trainer costs about 20 thousand rubles, and an outdoor treadmill costs about 30 thousand rubles..

But all these simulators cannot be called elite and cute. These are multi-colored metal structures that complement the standard outdoor areas. When you need to go beyond the standards, the same equipment is used (because in any case, all mechanical simulators work according to the same principle), but when it comes to placing it, design ingenuity is used.

Leopard Tree is an example of how to transform an ordinary street gym into an elite and stylish street gym. Vito Di Bari is the designer of this gym. He created several islets (like terraces) to accommodate 250 square meters of green lawn. The Leopard Tree Gym can accommodate 30 people at the same time looking to work out in the fresh air, although it only includes 9 simulators.

High quality materials were used to produce Leopard Tree, and they are the highlight of this gym. The hotel project team worked with Metalco to develop platforms made of fiber-reinforced concrete, stainless steel and high quality timber. As a result, the free outdoor gym is far more remarkable than many standard, paid-for gyms..