What is a veneer skirting board

The floor plinth, which is used by most apartment owners to decorate and finish the joints of the walls with the floor, is of several types. One of the most commonly used types of skirting boards is veneered. A distinctive feature of this skirting board is its design.

It has two parts. The first part is the foundation. As a rule, it is made from inexpensive, but fairly durable types of wood — spruce or pine. The second part, attached on top of the first, is called veneer. Veneer is made from expensive and beautiful wood species. As a result of joining the parts, a product is obtained that, in appearance, is almost impossible to distinguish from a plinth made of valuable wood. At the same time, the price of such goods is average, they are available to almost everyone.

The shape of the veneered skirting board can be different. Most often, the saw cut of such parts resembles a boot in shape: the upper part is narrow and rounded, the upper part expands with a slope to one side.

The color of the veneered skirting board can be any color. In stores, there are both models that «copy» natural wood (sometimes aged) in color and texture, and skirting boards of non-standard colors — bright, unnatural.

You can choose a veneer-coated skirting board for all interiors. In this case, designers advise not to adhere to strict rules, but to select a product to your taste. So, the color of the plinth can be in harmony not only with the color of the openings or flooring, but also with any detail of the interior: wallpaper, ceiling, curtains and others. For purely practical reasons, many nevertheless choose darker skirting boards for hallways and halls, since in these rooms there is often a lot of dust from the street. But in bedrooms and living rooms there may well be light, even white skirting boards, which are popular and fashionable today..

The width of the skirting board profiles ranges from the smallest to the largest — up to 120 cm.

When choosing such products, you should remember that if there is a need to hide any cables under the surface of the baseboards, you should choose those that have a special channel for such purposes. Many skirting boards are not equipped with such a detail..

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