What is underfloor heating system

Each of us wants the house to be always warm and comfortable, modern technologies offer many solutions to combat the cold, and one of them is a warm floor system. The system consists of heating pipes that lie under a layer of concrete or other coating. Let’s take a closer look at why they are so good and why they are so praised. Heaters, heaters and other similar devices use the main type of heat transfer — the convention. Let’s say you have a heater, it heats up the air and when the air becomes warm it rises up to the ceiling, and when it cools down again it goes down, thereby creating a constant cycle. And thus it turns out that the temperature near the ceiling is higher than near the floor, and therefore many people feel discomfort.

The underfloor heating system works on a different principle, it does not create a convention. Here it turns out that thanks to the heating pipes built-in throughout the entire floor area, the air is all the surface of the floor and thus the air in the floor area is warmer, for example, it turns out that at the level of the feet there will be a temperature of 22 ° C, and at the level of the head 18 ° C, which is simple ideal solution.

If we talk about the advantages of the underfloor heating system, then there are a lot of them, unlike conventional heaters, we will single out the most indisputable.

1. This is increased comfort due to the rational transfer of thermal energy.

2. It is healthy, and it is believed that due to the absence of dust circulation, the air in the room is kept fresh..

3. It is hygienic, it is possible to use underfloor heating in medical institutions, food industry..

4. This is safety, you can be completely calm for your children, the underfloor heating system is completely insulated and the child will not be able to get burns or other injuries..

5. This is efficiency, due to the system, you can save energy by almost 30, or even 50%, and this is very serious money, because when winter lasts more than six months.

After these 5 points, you have probably already decided for yourself what modern heating should be in your home..

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