1969 Dodge Challenger

Dodge is the leading manufacturer of SUVs and minibuses in the United States of America, sold in more than sixty countries around the world. Dodge Challenger (Dodge Challenger) at one time was in great demand, because by the seventies the honorary title of the most popular cars in America was taken by muscle cars (Muscle Cars — muscle cars).

What are muscle cars?

The examples of this class were originally medium-sized two-door cars equipped with a very powerful engine. These machines were built for permanent use and sold at an affordable price..

The golden era of muscle cars began in the early 60s of the 20th century, when gasoline was incredibly cheap (about 1 ruble per 1 liter in terms of our money), there were practically no environmental restrictions, government regulation in the areas of road safety and transport economy was actually did not have.

1973-1974 is considered to be the decline of the era of these machines. Then in America there was a fuel crisis and the government greatly tightened safety and toxicity standards, which did not pass muscle cars — manufacturers often used drum brakes, which threatened safety, not to mention fuel consumption like a truck.

Muscle cars have always been considered very fashionable cars, and over the years their popularity has grown even higher. Russian auto-connoisseurs also love this class of cars. However, on our roads, these beauties are a rarity, since not everyone can find a 1969 Dodge in an acceptable condition, on the go.

Technical parameters of the 1969 Dodge Challenger.

The characteristics of the 1969 Challenger depend on the configuration, of which there are only three options:

Dodge Challenger Convertible: 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.7 liters. and a capacity of 122 horsepower.

Dodge Challenger with classic roof: 5.2 liter engine. and a capacity of 155 horsepower.

Dodge Challenger with 5.6 liter V8 engine. with a capacity of 261 horsepower.

They all have rear-wheel drive, differ slightly in cabin capacity, dimensions and weight, but in general they are similar..

Professionals do not advise stirring up the contents of the Dodge Challenger, change parts as a last resort — if the original ones are completely worn out. After all, it will be extremely difficult to find a decent replacement for what you take out. And there is no reason to improve anything in the technical part: the engine is already very powerful, the traction is excellent, the car’s handling is also at a level, even the suspension is moderately stiff.

Plus, you can hardly find specialists who really understand 70s Dodges. The Challenger’s interior and exterior can be customized to suit your taste. The main thing in this business is not to harm, for this you need to strictly follow the style of the 70s, and a freshly painted Dodge will only delight the eye. Larger discs can be used to enhance the effect..

How to get the 1969 Dodge Challenger?

There are reasons that make car fans look for this legendary car for years. When you sit behind the wheel of this car, you will feel not only the strength and power, you will see not only the style and chic design of performance, but you will also be imbued with the free spirit of the time when these cars were at the peak of their glory..

For the sake of this, you can sacrifice the lack of that familiar comfort, which is inherent in modern cars. Firstly, it will be a little strange at first to be controlled with drum brakes, but, of course, you will get used to it. Another distinctive point is that there are no lateral supports on the Challenger’s seats, therefore, for the first time after purchasing this car, you will have to control your balance and not roll over to the side on bends. But all this is worth it to get the opportunity to enjoy the inimitable sound of the engine, which can please you only the unique Dodge ’69.

If you are still determined to purchase this handsome man, then you can start by viewing Russian sites for the sale of cars, if this does not bring success, then go to the search on world sites and auctions, for example, ebay.