A little about how to lay tiles

One of the very important stages in the process of laying tiles on the walls is the preparation of the glue for it, since if it is prepared incorrectly, problems may subsequently arise that are associated with the decoration of the walls with tiles. The instructions given by the manufacturer must be followed. It is better to prepare a small portion of glue, which will be consumed without residue in 2-3 hours, since the glue will dry out after this time. In addition, you need to adhere to the proportion and stir the mixture thoroughly. Excessive or insufficient amount of water has a detrimental effect on its composition.

After stirring the adhesive, you should wait until it is infused. This will take 10 minutes, and after that it is worth stirring the glue. Then you can already start using it. A notched trowel is required to apply the mortar to the wall surface. Thanks to its teeth, the adhesive can be distributed in even waves. When purchasing a house, questions may arise. To resolve them, you should contact a real estate lawyer. By the way, consultations on real estate on Pravoved will be provided by experienced specialists quickly, efficiently and inexpensively or free of charge..

Then you can proceed to the direct laying of the finishing material. The tile should be attached with the bottom edge of the back side somewhere at an angle of 85 degrees. Then you need to quickly press it from the bottom up to put it in the right place. And the excess glue, before it hardens, should be removed. Also, don’t forget about the seams between the individual tiles. They are controlled by means of special crosses, which are designed specifically for laying tiles. Thanks to them, the thickness of the seams is the same. At the very end, put the tile that is cut. To cut the one that does not fit entirely on the wall, use a special tool — a tile cutter. After laying the tile on the wall, it is carefully washed from the solution with a damp cloth. The glue dries up in about a day. Finish the process of laying tiles on the wall, rubbing the seams. At the same time, fill them with grout using a rubber spatula..

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