An exoskeleton concept that will give firefighters super strength and speed

We often see this plot in science fiction — an exoskeleton is put on the human body, which turns the average person into a superhuman, like Iron Man. The exoskeleton not only protects the body, but also allows a person to carry out heavier work, enduring heavy loads. It helps with normal activities like walking, running, and other muscle movements. DARPA is already building exoskeletons for soldiers in the field and NASA is testing exoskeletons that help astronauts in space. And a student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, decided to rework the idea for firefighters..

In the process of fighting the flames, firefighters are usually weighed down with a lot of the necessary equipment (about 50 feet overweight). In emergencies, the weight can be up to three times greater. More significantly, firefighters are often forced to flee, including climbing stairs and carrying people on rescue missions. This puts a lot of stress on their bodies, slowing them down. Unfortunately, slowing down often means fewer lives saved.

The exoskeleton for the firefighter, however, enhances a person’s strength, giving him the ability to lift up to 200 feet of weight. It supports the muscles so that running up flights of stairs will become easier, which will speed up the process of rescue operations. If the firefighter needs to remove the exoskeleton, then for this there is a quick button that unfastens the entire structure instantly.

Although this idea does not even have a prototype, the concept is based on similar technology used by the US Army. The exoskeleton itself weighs 50 pounds, but it is designed to provide significant relief. The only question is whether the idea of ​​an exoskeleton for firefighters will be implemented, and if so, when and who will take on this business.?

Maybe the time has come in Russia to improve the work uniform of firefighters and create their own exoskeletons for people who work in such a dangerous and important job? What do the readers of Proektstroy think? Leave your opinions in the comments or participate in discussions in our vkontakte group vkproektstroyru

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