What to consider when choosing a stair railings home?

You should definitely install a railing next to the staircase if it contains a sufficient number of steps. This is to protect your family and to ensure that no one falls or gets hurt. And although this is the main purpose of handrails, they are also considered part of the interior and overall appearance of not only the stairs, but also the design of the entire house. There are a number of materials that are used to make stair railings, including wood and metal, the latter being the most durable and services for the formation of such products are very common, including if you look at ads in Krasnogorsk or any other city.

In addition to strength, metal and especially wrought iron as stair railings give great design and create wonders in decor. While metal itself can be impersonal and simple, a good artisan will make it a real piece of candy that will look perfect in any modern or traditional setting. In this way, you will not only give your family a solid and solid support on the stairs, but also a harmonious decor element. But if we are talking about something warmer and more natural, then you can choose wood as the material for the railing. Wood beats metal in these parameters and creates a more pleasant textile feel. When choosing a material, you must decide for yourself what is more important to you: the hardness and strength of the metal or the softness and warmth of wood..

One of the factors to consider when installing stair railings is the occupants of your home and its guests. Elderly people, the sick and young children will especially need a comfortable handrail set at a fairly low level. There is also a standard handrail height that is considered comfortable for everyone. It ranges from 76 to 91 centimeters. However, even if the railing has already been installed, make sure the children are safe on the stairs, that is, the distance between the railing bars or other openings in their design is not too great. By the way, one of the recommendations for houses where small children grow up is to install barriers (gates) at the top and bottom of the railings while the children are growing.

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