Environmental friendliness of plastic windows

The ecology in the modern world is not very clean. And the only intelligent living creatures on earth are to blame for this, who are so actively involved in a healthy lifestyle. Man has spoiled the ecology on the planet of his countries — this is a fact.

But this does not mean that you need to continue in the same spirit..

The result of the wrong long-term policy has already reduced the average life expectancy of people by 20%. Therefore, we often think about the environmental friendliness of any food or one or another product used at home: it is impossible to protect ourselves from harmful gases and vapors on the street, but you can make your own house completely healthy. And you need to start, like repairs — with window structures. It is not for nothing that almost 90% of all well-known companies provide the market with plastic windows and (since they are the most commonly used type of windows) have already mastered the latest technologies for environmentally friendly production of these products..

What was the main danger of such materials? The lead content in them was quite high. And at the same time, this element was released into the atmosphere where plastic windows were installed. Needless to say, how dangerous is it to live in a house with a structure that emits lead? In places where this element is processed, all personnel must know all the measures for the subsequent cleansing of their body. Lead-treated plastic windows have been banned in the west for a long time. In addition, lead is prohibited in the manufacture of products for hospitals, kindergartens, and family homes. Something these precautions say?

If you want to protect yourself, and most importantly, your children, who are more vulnerable to the negative effects of lead, it is better to purchase only such plastic windows, in the manufacture of which the calcium-zinc stabilizer technology was used. And such windows in which the main element of PVC will be cadmium or lead, it is better not to consider.

More than 90% of all consumers these days choose plastic windows.

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