Effective conduct of foreign economic activity.

Ukrainian commercial organizations that are actively engaged in foreign economic activity, create goods and products that are intended not only for the Ukrainian market, but also for sale in other countries, know from their own experience how important and serious the procedure for customs clearance of goods for export is..


In order to supply goods and products to the market of another state, you must first go through a certain preparatory procedure.

Export Certification.

Certification of products and goods is an established procedure that is carried out by the authorized body in the prescribed manner, the result of which is confirmation that the product or product meets all the standards and requirements. This confirmation is a certificate of conformity. Ukraine, as a European, developing country, is very sensitive to this issue. There is a compulsory certification, and not a compulsory one. Depending on the products that are prepared for export, there are inspection and control bodies where this certificate is issued. During the certification process, product parameters are determined that must comply with regulatory enactments. The body that carries out the certification and issues the relevant document is called UkrSEPRO. Export customs clearance

After passing the certification and receiving the document, the next stage is the customs clearance of the export. This is a multifaceted procedure that is still worth it and should be entrusted to a professional. Only experienced brokers are able to carry out export customs clearance painlessly, quickly and efficiently. An experienced customs broker will save an entrepreneur from the following possible problems: penalties; delay of cargo at customs; loss of cargo during transportation.

In Kiev, one of the most successful, reliable and professional companies is Ukrbroktsentr. The specialists of this company are highly qualified and have many years of extensive experience in customs clearance of export goods and products. The reputation of the company has long gone beyond the borders of the capital and has led to popularity throughout the country among participants in foreign economic activity. Customs brokers of Ukrbroktsentr carry out a full range of work on export clearance, carry out full forwarding and quickly resolve all related issues.

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