High quality building and finishing materials

High quality building and finishing materials

The guarantee of long-term and high-quality repairs are reliable and high-quality finishing and building materials. Pledge is an extended network of stores that provide their customers with wholesale and retail trade in building and finishing materials. The building materials store «Zalog» began its activity in 1997 and managed to win the trust of its consumers and strengthen its leading position as a leader in this market. Here are presented reliable and proven construction and finishing materials of high quality, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate zalog-vostok.

The building materials store «Zalog» offers its consumers a wide range of building and finishing materials to choose from. Here you will find everything you need for renovation: various floor coverings, tiles, interior doors, bathroom fixtures, various adhesives, mastics, mounting foams, varnishes, shovel axes and other tools from leading manufacturers. All materials have quality certificates. Qualified and competent consultants will always help with the choice of material, and make the right choice, as well as clearly calculate the amount of required material. The store «Pledge», in addition to trade in building materials, also offers services for the installation of private and public swimming pools and waterproofing of roofs. For its wholesale and regular customers, «Pledge» provides rather tempting discounts. Here are presented high-quality building materials from leading world brands, which provide reliable construction and the entire range meets environmental standards and European standards. Introduced, also delivery service in the city.

The store serves customers seven days a week and without interruptions. The Zalog store has branches in the cities of Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Artem. Payment is made both in cash and by bank transfer. In this store, even the most fastidious customer will be satisfied, as high quality, high-quality service and reasonable prices are presented here..

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