Self-regulatory organizations in construction

Self-regulatory organizations in construction

The high quality of construction and installation work presupposes long-term trouble-free operation of facilities with complex technological processes, violation of which can lead to accidents and destruction of building structures.

State quality control in construction is constantly being improved, but it has its own bureaucratic and organizational shortcomings, which do not always contribute to quality improvement..

The problem can be solved by creating a self-regulating system for quality control in construction. Such a system is created and improved in the form of SROs (self-regulatory organizations).

The SRO of surveyors, the alliance of builders, the council of designers, energy audit, mezhpromexpertiza are successfully operating in the Russian Federation..

Rostekhnadzor allowed the SRO of surveyors to issue construction and design organizations permits for engineering surveys that affect safety during the construction of especially complex facilities. An organization that is a member of an SRO can obtain such admissions. Any construction or design organization that meets certain criteria, submitted the necessary registration documents and paid membership fees can join an SRO. The preparation process for the entry is not easy, it requires some costs. There are companies that specialize in preparing construction and design organizations for joining an SRO. They will help to develop the necessary package of documents and organize training courses for the company’s personnel..

It is very important to keep the obtained SRO approval. The conditions for issuing admission are very strict and any serious violation of the partnership can lead to the suspension of admission, which is fraught not only with material losses, but also reduces the image of the organization.

The principles of mutual partnership significantly reduce the influence of state controlling organizations and significantly increase the level of responsibility of contractors and customers and simplify their relationship. Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can join an SRO.

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