Laying wood flooring

In the event that you are planning a renovation, and first of all think about replacing the flooring, special attention should be paid to the quality of the material and the work of professional craftsmen. In addition, when purchasing a board or parquet, ask for a «delivery certificate» from the supplier and read the warranty.

Carefully review all required material and if any defect is found, return or exchange it. During the installation process, supervise the work of the craftsmen to avoid unwanted damage to the materials..

Parquet is a floor covering consisting of wooden sticks up to fifty centimeters long and fourteen to twenty two centimeters wide.

The quality of the material is assessed according to the following criteria:

• by the hardness of the wood species,

• the thickness of the working layer, along the cut,

• uniformity of color

• by texture.

Mosaic and modular parquet floors are distinguished separately..

In order to cover the floors in the kitchen or veranda, choose a decking, as it is made of a more heat-resistant material and has high strength. The features of laying decking do not differ much from the general system of work on installing a parquet board.

The choice of material is based on quality and taste. For more flexibility, the board should have cross-notches or rip cuts on the back. An even and solid base will ensure a quality parquet installation.

«Installation» of parquet is a rather complicated and painstaking process that requires a lot of effort and effort. This work must be carried out exclusively by professionals in order to avoid subsequent troubles with the flooring..

Incorrectly laid parquet board can later cause a lot of inconvenience, ranging from a simple creak to cracks in the wooden floor.

The final stage is the varnishing of the parquet or decking. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the varnish is applied in several layers for a «mirror» reflective shine of the floor. The bottom layer of the parquet is made with matte compounds with further sanding between the application of each of the layers. For the top layer, use a glossy varnish..

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