Mortgage offers from commercial banks

The housing problem in the country has moved to a qualitatively new level, when a sufficient number of apartments and houses are being built and rented out, but their cost is beyond the reach of most Russians. If at the time of developed socialism young families had a chance to get an apartment from the state after decades of standing in line, now the state is reluctant to allocate housing only to urgently needy categories of citizens, and even then in some cases after the intervention of the media.

This does not mean that the state has left its citizens to the mercy of fate — it provides material support to certain categories of citizens as far as financially possible, financing part of mortgage loans. The interest rate on loans is quite high in comparison with material assistance for the purchase of housing in other European countries, therefore the state encourages mortgage programs of commercial banks. These banks determine their preferential categories and conditions for the provision of benefits..

So a house with an economy class plot in the suburbs or rural areas can be purchased at a reduced interest rate as part of the sale of the product «Low-rise housing».

Economists recommend that you thoroughly study the proposals of state banks for mortgage lending and try to find a suitable preferential category for which you can apply. In this case, you can get a loan with an interest rate of less than 10%, however, you can also find an advantageous offer among commercial banks if you carefully study all the options.

The servicemen participating in the accumulative mortgage program of the AHML have every chance of buying a house by the river. The cottage village provides maximum comfort for living, and the interest rate ranges from 9.75 to 11.25%. The loan amount can be at least 2 million rubles, regardless of the allowance. A military pensioner has the right to choose any region of the Russian Federation for living, and living in the suburbs of large cities will be the best option.

Most often, the land in the cottage settlements of the Moscow region is owned by companies that are interested in its functioning as a residential complex, therefore, the most favorable conditions are created to attract buyers of real estate outside the city.

The attractiveness of living in new settlements is complemented, in addition to ecology, by a developed infrastructure.

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