Pipeline systems Aquatherm XXL

To meet the requirements for pipeline systems with a large flow volume (in industrial plants, factories, giant construction projects, etc.), Aquatherm offers XXL expanded pipes.

The Aquatherm company has extended versions of piping systems — these are green and blue pipes with a diameter of 400mm, 500mm, 560mm and 630mm. Aquatherm pipes and fittings made of fusiolen material have proven themselves well on the market. Fusiolen, which is also referred to here as a material that meets fire safety requirements, is sustainable and can be easily recycled. Among its other features is the fact that it is resistant to chemical attack, does not have any smells and tastes, has a low coefficient of friction and has good heat and sound insulation characteristics..

Aquatherm successfully implemented the first large-size piping systems with large composite fittings for worldwide use.

Large Aquatherm pipes are distinguished by the following advantages:

Suitable for portable water supply systems, heating and climate technology

Highly resistant to chemicals

Are effective

Have low thermal conductivity

Highly resistant to diffusion

Have a high class of resistance to cracking

Highly resistant to corrosion

Have special abrasion resistance

Are lightweight


Heat resistant

Have a long service life

High performance

The Aquatherm piping system is a well-built, high quality liquid handling system. Due to their chemical resistance, Aquatherm pipes are a good solution for moving corrosive liquids such as acids. The pharmaceutical, chemical, food and water industries will benefit from the advantages of this brand of pipes..

For the transfer of drinking water in hotels, residential areas, stadiums, universities, large infrastructure points and other facilities, Aquatherm green pipes are an excellent hygienic and ecological solution, since, among other things, they do not emit their own taste or smell..

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