Preparing for the heating season in the Far East

Perhaps the main task for the new administration of Primorye is to prepare for the coming winter. This issue attracts government attention every year. And every year on the topic of the heating season, everybody is so fed up with debates. After all, the problem is much larger than just starting a fireplace at home. At the government meeting, one of the main topics was the northern delivery. And the governor of the Kamchatka region, Mikhail Mashkovtsev, is already talking about the critical situation in the region. Vit due to lack of funds, it is quite probable that the accumulation of fuel will fail. So that the entire region can survive the winter normally, at the moment the regional budget needs one and a half billion rubles. But at the same time, an NTV correspondent from the White House says — quite the opposite. He has the impression that this time there are no problems with the preparation for the heating season. In the same way, there are no special complaints about the course of its preparation. Everything is going according to plan, even ahead of schedule. Mikhail Kasyanov also painted a rather optimistic picture. He says that over the entire past year, there were no complaints, either to the local authorities in these regions, or to the federal authorities, about the heating season. He also admits there are problems. Kasyanov considers their main reason to be lack of funding and unreasonable use of it. And other organizational issues are nothing more than side effects. As for financial issues, we are talking about such figures as 6.5 billion rubles. This amount must come from the federal budget. Now the plan has been fulfilled by about 60%, which is by no means a bad result, according to experts. In turn, 300% of the cargo has already been delivered to the Kamchatka region, which is associated with the northern delivery. Northern delivery takes place in 28 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. These include areas of the Far North and nearby regions. At this time, 104% of oil products have already been delivered to Primorye, compared to last year. Petroleum products used for heating are mainly fuel oil and derivatives from oil refining industry residues. The President instructed Mikhail Kasyanov to take control of the current situation with the heating season. For this, he will go to Vladivostok in the near future. If we talk about the figures cited by Kasyanov, they do not give any reason for concern..

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