Preparing the walls

After deciding on the wallpaper, counting the number of rolls, you can now proceed to the actual pasting operation. But before you start, you need to first clean the walls of old wallpaper. Usually they can be easily torn off, but there are places where they hold tight enough, and there is a slight temptation to stick on them. It is better to forget about this temptation, because it will not lead to anything good, and perhaps when it is moistened, it will lag behind the wall along with a new one. , so there is no option.

About how to tear off old wallpaper, there is a pretty simple way to moisten them well with water, they should slide, if this does not help, that is, a 100% option, we take an iron and begin to iron them through a wet rag. You will see the result immediately, after the old wallpaper has been torn off, we can see that along with the wallpaper, part of the plaster has fallen behind and various cracks in the walls are visible. To remove all these defects, we dilute the plaster and begin to cover up all the cracks and dents in the walls. After plastering, you will have to wait for it to dry before moving on to the next stage. If you are going to glue the wallpaper alone, then it will be problematically better when you have a partner, because this operation is quite laborious. First, you need to measure a piece, for this we take our roll and apply it to the wall so that it is approximately clearly visible, you need to measure it with a margin of 5 cm, because it will be needed for leveling and they can also sit down. Cutting the wallpaper is best with stationery

with a knife, on the first piece you can cut all the rest for this wall, but before that you need to make sure that it fits perfectly.

Next, we apply glue to the wallpaper, this is done from the middle to the edges, and then gently fold it in half so that it is even better saturated with glue, it should not be kept in this position for a long time for about 10 minutes. If it gets very wet, then when you apply it, it may tear. You will learn about what to do next in our next article..

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