Why fence posts are better made of metal

When building a fence around any perimeter, it is important to create a solid structure that meets the demands of aesthetics and durability. The materials used in the construction of the fence dictate to a large extent the durability and attractiveness of the final result. Therefore, the builder must select material based on more than just price or availability. However, regardless of the material and type of the fence itself, you need to pay special attention to the material of the pillars that will support the entire structure. Metal poles are good choices here, which work perfectly with many forms of fence, be it hedges, wood fences, metal picket fence, or simple metal or plastic fences. Metal poles are generally easy to install, strong and durable, and will not fade in direct sunlight.

Even a simple wooden fence can be made using metal posts. For a number of reasons, this is a great solution for this option. First, they provide powerful support for the entire fence. He will not rot, and transfer this rot to the rest of the fence. If the poles are immersed in concrete, with good drowning, they will remain extremely strong and stable for many years. Especially if they are well coated with anti-corrosion agents.

Steel fencing is becoming a fairly popular choice today, both in private residences and in businesses. They are aesthetically pleasing and powerful. Metal posts for such fences are usually placed at a shorter distance from each other to prevent bending. Metal pillars for such a fence are the most logical.

The advantage of metal posts is their cost. They are cheaper than wood and easier to install. Typically, metal poles are thin and round, while wood poles are large, heavy and square, making them harder to position than metal ones..

Metal poles can act as a ground in case of lightning.

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