Split system — a novelty in the field of dry closets

Recently, dry closets have ceased to be a novelty in our country. They can be seen both on the streets of the city and in private houses. These devices make life easier and help avoid environmental pollution. Today there are many companies dealing with these devices, such as Orbita Company and others..

But now a new product appeared on the market, which made the use of the dry closet more pleasant, environmentally friendly and safer. This novelty is called a split system. It offers significant benefits. A conventional dry closet consists of only one «element». This is a waste container, on top of which a seat is installed. The toilet can be equipped with a flush. But at the same time, a person using such a device understands that there is a waste tank directly under it. In some cases, these tanks are not covered by anything from the top, which leads to a pungent smell and an unpleasant appearance..

The split system completely solves this problem. The design of the dry closet is slightly complicated. It is divided into two parts: the toilet itself and the so-called composting unit. In this case, the unit is installed at a certain distance from the toilet. It stands at the bottom and is about a meter or a little less from the seat..

The composting unit consists of several compartments. Each of them is filled in in turn. In this case, the waste immediately begins to compost. Composting removes the unpleasant odor of waste and makes it suitable for use as fertilizer for the vegetable garden or garden.

There is a container at the bottom of the composting unit to remove excess moisture. Since the block is divided into sections, they can be cleared and deleted not all at once, but in turn. The first section may already be filled and fully composted while the third is still in operation. Thus, the split system never fails and runs smoothly..

If you need to rent or buy toilet cabins, it is important to take into account that the installation of a split system requires certain conditions. The toilet and the unit are separated by space, so it is important to properly prepare the place for the installation of such a structure. At the same time, waste disposal costs are sharply reduced, and the use of such a toilet is more pleasant and safer..

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