Superstitions of drivers

Signs and superstitions have come into our lives from ancient times; our ancestors were engaged in collecting them. Attention was paid to each thing or object, and then they were animated. Each sound or action had its own meaning. Many superstitions and signs have survived to this day, they relate to the days of the week, weddings, at home, etc. Hunters and fishermen have their own signs, drivers also have road superstitions and signs.

Signs and superstitions

Driving signs are characterized by a variety, every little thing is taken into account by the driver on the way.

When buying a car, the driver remembers the signs when choosing a color, for example, a red car is considered the most stopped by the road police, but green cars are considered frequent participants in road accidents.

If the accident took place, after getting out of the car, find out the side of the damage. If the body is damaged at the back, then, according to superstitions, you should make a profit, and if damaged at the front, expect a loss..

There is a sign that buying a used car from an owner with financial well-being, then you will be in «chocolate». And if you buy a car from a person who is always at a loss, then difficulties can pass to you..

Drivers remember the superstition, where the purchased car or spare parts for it should be washed, or expect a breakdown soon. It happens that drivers even resort to spraying their car with alcohol to avoid damage..

After purchasing a car, the owner attaches icons from the church to the salon. This is how a believer driver seeks protection from accidents on the road..

There are drivers who believe that it is worth washing the car and it will rain, but this is just the superstition of the drivers. After all, cars are washed every day, and sometimes you have to wait a long time for rains..

Some people believe that if you wash a car under the house, it will be stolen. It is considered a good omen if bird droppings get on the hood of the car, which promises a profit, but it must be removed immediately so that the paint is not damaged, otherwise, instead of profit, you will receive painting costs.

You should not throw garbage through the window on the road, it threatens to get into trouble. There is a superstition that if you run over a dog, then it is better to sell the car quickly, or an accident will await you. You can’t talk in the car about selling it, it can take offense and break down at the wrong moment.

When repairing a car, you do not need to save on spare parts, you cannot install spare parts from cars that have been damaged in an accident in order to avoid the same fate. Buy new parts to be confident and calm in the future.

Drivers also pay close attention to superstitions on the road related to traveling on a long journey — Monday is considered a bad day for this. Why this superstition arose is unknown, but even astronauts believe in it. In Russia, this day has become forbidden for leaving.

There is a sign, which has come from ancient times, that you need to sit on the road on the bags when going on the road. It is believed that after this the road will be soft and things will not be lost..

How varied are the signs of drivers. Many people believe that it is good to go on a long journey if it is raining lightly, washing the road from adversity..

Drivers who have been on the road for a long time sometimes say that they saw a dog lying on the side of the road or at a meeting. This omen is considered bad and speaks of the driver’s overwork. A vision can prophesy a severe accident in the future. If there really was such a vision, then you need to stop and rest..

But not all drivers believe in signs and superstitions. More often they came from the distant past, but there are also signs taken from their own observations..

Probably the most common omen about a black cat crossing the road, which promises misfortune or bad news. Probably everyone is talking about this sign, there is a song and a cartoon.

If a person close to you goes on the road, then wish him a good journey on the trail and cross, as it should be with Orthodox Christians. It will be a request for an angel to look after this person..

Our ancestors collected signs and superstitions for a reason, leaving the most significant ones, that they would come true, it was always believed. And yet, one should not forget about the rules of the road, without their obligatory observance, no signs will help.

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