Updated models of the LADA Samara 2 family

Now they produce 3 LADA Samara 2 families:

— hatchback with three doors VAZ-2113,

— hatchback with five doors VAZ-2114,

— five-door sedan VAZ-2115

Each of them belongs to the group «Medium cars», or class C of the European classification.

The family is an outgoing modernization of the LADA Samara. Previously, cars with the name Samara were exported, but now the common name LADA Samara has taken root.

Basically, representatives of the LADA Samara 2 family of cars are versatile and unpretentious cars, easy to use, simple and inexpensive to maintain, with good dynamic characteristics..

Their appearance is very attractive, there is a good opportunity for tuning. The disadvantages of this family are considered to be low passive protection of the car, as well as the absence of airbags..

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