We cool the house: a fan or an air conditioner?

With the onset of summer, the issue of cooling the house has become topical. And here we have 2 options: on the one hand, it is a modern and convenient air conditioner, and on the other, an old and proven fan. But what should you choose? To answer this question, it is necessary to carefully consider the disadvantages and advantages of both options..

And the first criterion in our comparison will, of course, be the price. If you don’t think enough, it may seem that in this regard the fans will definitely and unquestioningly win, but this is not so. Judge for yourself: how many fans will it take to cool a room that one air conditioner can handle with ease? Everything is not so simple, therefore, we can say that in this regard, both solutions are equal.

The second factor influencing our choice is how easy it is to place the device. And in this regard, the fans still have an advantage, since the installation of air conditioners is not an easy task, while the fan is simple enough to buy, connect to an outlet and turn on.

It is also important how convenient it is to use them. Unlike the previous point, air conditioners unquestioningly win here, for control of which there are special consoles that allow you to regulate the temperature and air flows without leaving your workplace.

And finally, the most important parameter is efficiency. Here everything is also not entirely unambiguous, because air conditioners, thanks to the ability to set different temperatures and change air flows, will clearly be able to better maintain the proper level of balance and cold in the room, but, on the other hand, in order to start working, they need some time. while fans are able to cool you immediately after switching on.

Thus, if you want to save yourself and your home from the heat, then, depending on the situation, money and personal preferences, both fans and air conditioners may suit you — it all depends solely on how intensively and for how long you intend them. use. Therefore, when making a choice, be sure to take into account all the nuances, and only then will the purchase truly satisfy you.

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