How to choose a bar for your home

Wooden houses have many positive qualities: they are environmentally friendly, beautiful, comfortable and, of course, warm. The timber is very popular among timber for construction work, it has a very low price, as well as excellent properties in terms of resistance to fire and heat conservation. How to make the right choice of timber for building a house?


1. There are three types of timber, and in favor of which choice to make, the characteristics will help. The cheapest is a bar of natural moisture, it is also the most famous and affordable. But this type of timber has some disadvantages. The fact is that this building material has a moisture content of 40-80%, therefore, after 1.5 years, at the end of construction, the house will shrink by 10 percent. This will lead to the onset of numerous cracks. Later, it will be necessary to caulk or sew up all the gaps that have arisen with clapboard or plywood, brick or bassoon.

2. The profiled planed timber has a number of positive sides, it is the most convenient in contrast to the previous one. The house is much easier to assemble from such a bar. The ends of such a bar are equipped with recesses, with which you can fold the house, like a construction set for children, where all the parts fit together. In this option, gaps will not appear, therefore, additional work will not need to be done. It is enough just to decorate the walls and cover them with antiseptics, paint and varnish. A similar house, possibly, will give, at the last stage, a slight shrinkage, but not more than 5 percent..

3. Glued — this is the last type of timber. Construction work from this material is faster, since such a house does not need shrinkage. Glued laminated timber is made from wood planks, before that dried, coated with antiseptics and anti-fire agents. It is thanks to this that the built house will be able to shrink no more than 1 percent and you can begin finishing work immediately after the completion of construction. Thanks to this type of timber, there will be no problem of distortions of window and door openings. Glued laminated timber does not require unnecessary finishing, when using it, the walls will look natural and beautiful.