Smart grinder

Equipped with the Auto-Select system, the universal eccentric sander with convenient and logical color coding of icons for different switch positions, corresponding quick-change working attachments and sanding paper, built-in dust extraction system, case for transport and storage.

The fourth member of the Auto-Select family of tools and equipment — the programmable charger.

The built-in microprocessor allows for optimal charging of all types of acid batteries, as well as for generator diagnostics.

Effective paint removal

It is effective to remove the old paint layer before the next painting with an eccentric sander. In this case, the switch is installed on the green icon and a replaceable grinding attachment is used, also marked in green. Auto-Select system will automatically set the optimal parameters for eccentric movement.

Sanding flat surfaces

To grind a flat surface, the switch is set to the blue pictogram and the tax mark grinding attachment is used. With this mode

the working attachment of the tool processes the surface without rotating movement,

moving from side to side.

Fine sanding

Even fine work can be done with the universal grinder. To do this, the switch is installed on an orange pictogram, and a special nozzle-«nose» is fixed on the sole of the instrument. The motion parameters set by the autoselection program allow you to gently and gently grind small decorative details.

Sanding corners and edges

The switch is installed on the blue pictogram, and a triangular «nose» is fixed in the nozzle, with the help of which you can efficiently and conveniently grind complex parts with corners, edges, edges, edges, folds, grooves and tongues.


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