Demographers make predictions

As predicted over the past few years, the world’s population has surpassed seven billion people..

This is a huge figure, since land resources are not unlimited, and as a result, population growth will lead to resource collapse..

But analysts also take into account the factor of the demographic crisis, which is present in the countries of the old world. In particular, the demographic decline in aging Europe, Russia and the United States, where deaths exceed births.

Plus, the reluctance of many young people to have children is affected. Therefore, a natural question arises, where does the seven billion come from? The answer is simple. Most of all, children are born in African and Eastern states, where life and existence is determined by the number of working-age population, and not by the quality of life..

Some experts predict that even such a densely populated country as China will begin to lose population in the next few decades. That is, the demographic decline will also begin..

So far, the most populous countries were China, India, Brazil. But they also began to decline, which, according to forecasts, in the next few hundred years, may lead to the fact that a little more than a billion people will remain on Earth. This is a daunting prospect. But the statistics are relentless and some experts are already sounding the alarm. The main thing is that these calls are heard..

Population growth became possible after more developed countries with developed medicine came to underdeveloped countries with high birth rates and high child mortality. Medicines, help and knowledge helped the same African countries to overcome many diseases and give a chance to survive for more than 70% of children after birth. Therefore, most of the births occur, namely, in Africa..

Everyone understands that it is wrong to regulate the birth rate. But at the same time, it is impossible to stop mortality. Therefore, measures are being developed that will influence the consciousness of the inhabitants of Europe and other developed countries in order to help restore the population..

At the same time, to introduce measures to increase the quality of life in third countries in order to reduce the growth of the birth rate and translate this indicator into a quality indicator. Historically, it so happened that in order for humanity to survive catastrophes and epidemics, the population must have a large number. But the loss of at least one developed nationality will lead to the degradation of the rest.

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