Ulyanovsk is waiting for compatriots!

Problems with the outflow of the able-bodied population, qualified personnel and graduates of educational institutions became obvious many years ago and today literally everyone is familiar, at least everyone has heard about it. It was decided to correct the situation immediately and everywhere, having mastered the first «niche» for a start, attracting the flow of immigration from neighboring countries. The program has been developed for the entire country for the period until the distant 2025, but the regions should be included in it now. This also applies to the Ulyanovsk region, including.

It is planned to intensify actions to promote immigration to former compatriots, residents of Ulyanovsk and just Russia, who for some reason cannot independently return to the country and the city, although they have such a desire. It turned out that there are quite a lot of such people, after numerous political events of the 90s and economic difficulties of recent years, the citizens of Russia were forced to stay in neighboring states. Today it is difficult for them to return, and not only because of the lack of finance. Those who wish to return to the Ulyanovsk region, as in any other city, are afraid of the unknown and unemployment, lack of housing. With reverse immigration, there are, among other things, simple bureaucratic problems, difficulties with documents.

All this must be resolved through the efforts of special committees. You need to help your citizens, and this is exactly where you need to start attracting back working cadres and promising workers of all professions. This is exactly what was decided at the federal and regional levels. Resettlement is exclusively voluntary. Help is not only about simply transporting people to the territory of the region and the city. A person who has decided to move should, first of all, be attracted. Good, interesting job offers and decent wages, adequate social living conditions. Under such a promising program, it is planned to attract about one and a half thousand people only next year, according to exact calculations 1485. Applications and difficult situations of people who are already working in the field of medicine, aircraft construction, and agriculture will be considered priority. The curators and developers of the project emphasize that immigration should be reasonable and in the interests of today’s citizens of the region and the city. These events should become a tool for solving the personnel issue, the shortage of certain specialists.

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