Increase in the number of parking spaces

Increase in the number of parking spaces In the coming week, the capital’s authorities are ready to sign a decree that will toughen the requirements for Moscow planners and developers and oblige them to increase the projected parking areas for buildings under construction. According to one of the points of the new anti-crisis plan of the Spanish government, VAT on the purchase of primary housing will be increased from 4% to 10% in 2013. Of the 100 thousand builders who worked in Kiev in 2008, today only 10 thousand people actually work. In two years, 1,800 facilities were completed and put into operation. Among the identified violations for the 1st quarter of 2012, the leading position in terms of number is occupied by violations of project documentation and technical regulations (79 pieces). In addition, in the same month it will become clearer how bad the situation on the market is.

”The Governor of Ugra also stressed that some success has been achieved in the construction and organization of preschool institutions. It is part of an agreement reached in April on financial stability and aims to improve the quality of life and safety of citizens. Research by GYODER by the Association of Real Estate Investment Companies in Turkey has shown a steady increase in demand for Turkish real estate over the past five years. But in the future there will be a seal, he noted. Problems in the real estate market are beginning to affect a wide variety of sectors of the economy, especially given the number of laid-off workers in construction and real estate companies. There was no direct relationship.

The program was developed by the Ministry of Regional Development. The percentage of issued building permits has significantly increased — P by 2.1%, this is about 586 thousand houses, informs the site about tenders for the construction of domobaza. info. The chairman of the meeting of the executive committee, the mayor of Odessa, Aleksey Kostusev, agreed with Gennady Trukhanov and promised to bring this painful issue to the session of the city council.

This makes European exports more competitive and provides an incentive for the development of the external segment of the European economy. Compared to June last year, the number of such offers has grown almost fivefold. To solve this problem, you can use a household gas convector that is powerful enough to heat your room to an acceptable temperature. The passport is one road, and it cannot be divided. Have to raise the price.

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